Fire Opal / Jelly Opal (Rare Green Color)
Gems and Jewelry, 14.6 mm; 10.55 carats
near Niquelandia, Goias, Brazil
Ex. Richard Gaines
A rare and unique color and occurrence for Opal unlike anything I have seen from Brazil, or virtually any other world locality. This stone was cut from a single piece of rough that was collected circa 50 years ago and was once part of the famous Richard (Dick) Gaines collection and we were fortunate enough to have a photo of the original piece of rough with Gaines' collection label. Green Opal is certainly rare, and to find vibrantly colored stones like this one is unheard of on the market. This Cut Corner Square cut stone is the largest gem I have seen of this material, and would make a superb addition to any collection, especially an Opal suite, as a stone like this is next to impossible to find even in old collections. Please note that the color of the stone is a bit more green than the photos might indicate, as they show somewhat of a yellow hue.
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