Sphene (Twinned) on Pericline (Feldspar)
Leiterkogel, Habachtal, Pinzgau, Austria
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 6.0 x 5.0 cm
Ex. Robert Metger; Godehard Schwethelm
This is a fine old classic but also an aesthetic, well-balanced specimen for ANY sphene locality, featuring a DOUBLY-TERMINATED, PRISTINE, LUSTROUS, 4.5-CM-LONG CRYSTAL of translucent green TWINNED sphene perched on contrasting white matrix of pericline feldpsar - what more could you want in such an important European classic?!?! I've simply not seen such a nice piece in the US market, and have been assured that this is as significant as I think it is even for the European market where such old classics might more often resurface. It sits nicely on its own without need of a base, and when well lit is striking for beauty as well as for form. Frankly, this is the first European sphene I have had for sale that even remotely competes with contemporary specimens from Pakistan for aesthetics, size, and quality. It is unbelieveable! As I have said repeatedly, Leithauser REALLY had good taste and did not just buy classics to have them...he waited until the perfect aesthetic example of a "classic" came along, and only then got his piece. You'll see in the collection how few duplicates he had, because he really was after the stereotypical representation of a "classic," and seldom settled for anything less than a piece that exemplified everything you would want in an important old locality piece but ALSO had the aesthetics you'd demand in a contemporary specimen. This is one such.