Pyromorphite on Baryte
Miniature, 5.0 x 5.0 x 2.0 cm
Les Farges Mine, Ussels, France
This is a fine old classic but also an aesthetic, well-balanced specimen for ANY pyro locality, featuring a drapery of choice green Les Farges pyromorphite overhanging contrasting white Baryte. I've simply not seen such a nice miniature for the combination, at least in the US market. The piece displays well from the front and is complete on the back, though the pyro goes dull in color there. It sits nicely on in a custom-made lucite base. Leithauser REALLY had good taste and did not just buy classics to have them...he waited until the perfect aesthetic example of a "classic" came along, and only then got his piece. You'll see in the collection how few duplicates he had, because he really was after the stereotypical representation of a "classic," and seldom settled for anything less than a piece that exemplified everything you would want in an important old locality piece but ALSO had the aesthetics you'd demand in a contemporary specimen. This is one such.