Scheelite on Quartz
Cabinet, 10.0 x 7.8 x 6.4 cm
Smith vein, Carrock Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumberland, Cumbria, England
Ex. Lindsay Greenbank
Embedded in a milky quartz matrix is a lustrous and translucent, orangy-brown scheelite crystal measuring 3 cm in length. This is of exceptional color and size, for England. Fragments of other scheelite crystals are also present. From the Smith vein, Carrock Mine Caldbeck Fells. Ex Barstow collection after 1982 and Ralph Sutcliffe collection until 1991. Both of their labels accompany the specimen. I am told this was certainly an older piece, even when Barstow obtained it from an unkown old collection which he never revealed, though how old is unknown at this time. In any case, its a BEAUTY by English scheelite standards! Illustrated in "Classic Minerals of Northern England," page 27