Alstonite (Circa Late 1700'S)
Brownley Hill Mine, Nenthead, Alston Moor District, North Pennines, Cumberland, Cumbria, England
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 4.8 x 4.6 cm
Ex. Lindsay Greenbank
This is a very important old specimen from the type locality at Brownley Hill. Scalenohedrons of lustrous and translucent, milky white alstonite, to 5 mm in length, are nestled in a vug of massive, white Baryte. Additionally, we can say with certainty that it was mined in the late 1700s or very early 1800s because of the mis-spelling of the mineral name as Bromlite. This error only happened at that time, as the locality had not been accurately reported as yet - a matter resolved by 1805 or so. Ex. Collections of B.G.Amend of New York (1821-1911) with his label (see Greenbank book for more information); and John Marshall of Massachusetts in the early 1970's. Illustrated in "Classic Minerals of Northern England," page 63, as a full-page photo with its old label shown as well. Interestingly, this locality, and old specimens from it, are STILL to this day considered the best of species. Joe Budd photo, atop