Zircon (Huge Crystal!)
Cabinet, 10.0 x 8.0 x 7.5 cm
Mud Tank, Harts Ranges, Northern Territory, Australia
Ex. Robert Nowakowski
This is a large cluster of zircon with unusually fine form and bright luster, for the lcoale. It has a wonderful cinnamon color to it, and actually displays quite well. It is hefty at 1225 grams! The piece is nearly pristine, with just a few minor bits iof edge wear, and is even complete, though contacted, around the backside. It is a MAJOR specimen for the locale, which I am entitled to say is among the biggest and best known (as generously confirmed for me by folks at both the Museum of Victoria and the South Australian Museum). Few of thiss ize, I am told, have both luster and color along with complete crystallography. From the REE collection of geologist, Robert Nowakowski