Andradite Var. Demantoid Garnet
Small Cabinet, 7.4 x 5.9 x 4.5 cm
Antetezambato, Ambanja District, Diana Region, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar
One of my personal favorites in the lot, this is a particularly elegant cluster on matrix, isolated, and with a stunning dominant crystal atop. This appealing demantoid specimen is composed of seven glassy and gemmy, richly green crystals to 1.5 cm across. The color and form of the crystals contrasts superbly with the underlying, white, massive garnet matrix (the matrix having been metamorphosed geologically from limestone to garnet, itself). Few specimens here, even those with more garnet, leap out to the eye a smuch as this, for the stark contrast and the top color. The main crystal here is so gemmy that you can really look right through it to the underlaying matrix, clear as day!