Cabinet, 15.0 x 9.0 x 16.0 cm
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
This LARGE museum-sized display piece screams color and displays BOTH styles of rosasite from the find: velvet blankets; and the sparkling rosasite-included calcites of intense blue hue. Many nooks and crannies of the brecciated and vuggy limonite matrix are covered by undulating, velvety botryoids of intensely colored, blue green rosasite, to 2 cm across. In another location on the piece, colorless, sparkling calcite crystals, to 3 mm across, cover a large portion of the rosasite. A plain of rosasite, in one place, is directly next to a hanging fall of the beautiful more bright blue calcite, with inclusions. A few, tabular, white Baryte crystals are also in evidence, reaching 5 mm across. The overall effect from the front side is that of a waterfall flowing down a steep cliff face. Unbelievable color, richness, and size! We regard this as a major Mexicna piece, and one of the most significant in the find.