Waylandite, Bismuthinite
Barro do Corda Pegmatite, Juazeiro, Bahia, Northeast Region, Brazil
Miniature, 3.3 x 1.5 x 1.4 cm
A unique and very rare Brazilian pseudomorph, obtained from rarities dealer Gunnar Farber of Germany. Gunnar has X-rayed the piece to confirm the species. Off-white to gray waylandite microcrystals have partially pseudomorphed a columnar bismuthinite crystal. Waylandite is a rare bismuth, calcium, aluminum, hydroxide, phosphate, silicate. This rarity is from an uncommon Brazilian locale - the Barro do Corda Pegmatite, Juazeiro, Bahia. Certainly not pretty to look at, but it is a rare and unique pseudomorph.