Vesuvianite (Var: Manganoan Vesuvianite)
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 cm
Jeffrey mine (Jeffrey quarry; Johns-Manville mine), Asbestos, Les Sources RCM, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
These are truly some of the most distinctive crystals in the world because virtually no other species has this color. These Manganoan Vesuvianite crystals are well known for their violet color, which can clearly be seen on this specimen. For the size of the crystals, these are very fine quality for the species. Please note that some of the crystals are green (non Manganese-bearing) creating a fantastic color combination that is only seen from Jeffery. The largest crystal measures 1.3 cm long, and all of them have superb luster with excellent terminations and beautiful color. These is one crystal in particular that shows a distinctive orange hue which is created when the purple and green are blended together. The Jeffrey Quarry is now completely defunct and these amazing Vesuvianite specimens are no longer being found. Ex. Brian Kosnar Collection.