Tourmaline (Var: Rubellite)
Malkhan pegmatite field (Malchan), Krasnyi Chikoy, Chitinskaya Oblast', Transbaikalia (Zabaykalye), Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 5.9 x 5.4 cm
These tourmalines from Malkhan in Russia have never come out in quantity. The Russian dealers typically bring a few of them to each show, in a range of qualities. The great majority have no matrix. But this one does, which adds quite a bit to the aesthetics; and, it is also quite large: this crystal measures 4 cm across the termination in the long direction. It has a fine, glossy termination - it is lustrous on the sides as well. It is a translucent pink, similar in appearance to many Himalaya tourmalines. The bottom of the specimen is the matrix contact.