Woodhouseite on Woodhouseite Cast After ??
Champion Mine, White Mountains, Mono Co., California (TYPE LOCALITY)
Miniature, 5.6 x 5.1 x 2.9 cm

A very unusual specimen in many regards! Firstly, it has rather large crystals of this rare species, exceeding the normal size of 5 mm or so by half again. Secondly, it has interesting form in that the Woodhouseite seems to have cast over a previous mineral, leaving interesting forms. Lastly, the old label, dating from before it was a named species in 1937, is fascinating to me! And it shows the piece is nearly 70 years old, or more! Even aside from the history, though, this would be worth the price fo rhte unusual crystal size and richness of the specimen in my opinion. I have seen very few good example sof the species for sale, and the mine is long defunct.