Sphalerite, Galena
Commodore Mine, Amethyst Vein, Creede District, Mineral Co., Colorado, USA
Cabinet, 10.0 x 7.6 x 5.3 cm
A fine, old-time, cabinet-sized sphalerite specimen from one of the famous mines at Creede, Colorado. Gemmy and lustrous, twinned, golden-amber sphalerite crystals to 1.8 cm richly and attractively cover both sides of the sulfide matrix. The more isolated and smaller crystals on the backside are particularly gemmy. A single, 1.2 cm, lustrous, steel-gray, fortification galena cube on the front side is a very nice accent. This is classic for the locality. A very interesting feature is the cavity on the side that holds a 1.2 cm, totally loose sphalerite crystal. Excellent, old material from this historic district from the John Ydren Collection.