Nani, Loliondo, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Toenail, 2.8 x 2.6 x 1.5 cm
A top example of a garnet from a MAJOR NEW FIND! The full locality information for this deposit is near the town of Loliondo, close to Serengeti National Park and 7 km from the Kenyan border, W-NW of the north end of Lake Natron. It is closed to heavy traffic and on Maasai tribal lands. Some of these are extremely large; the more gemmy ones tend to be smaller - though this one is BIG for its gemminess, as this find goes! These had quietly been emerging from a small prospect in remote Tanzania and hoarded for sale at the Tucson show. This crystal is very gemmy, lighting up a pretty orangey-red color, similar to a top Chinese scheelite (the gemmy corner of one) under good light.