Scheelite, Quartz
Small Cabinet, 8.7 x 6.8 x 4.4 cm
Tae Hwa Mine (Taehwa Mine; Dae Hwa Mine; Taewha Mine; Tong Wha Mine; Tae Wha Mine), Neungam-ri (Neung Am-ri; Noungam-ri), Angseong-myeon, Chungju (Chung Won Kum; Chung-ju), Chungch
The Tae Wha mine in Korea has produced some very attractive Tungsten minerals. The Scheelites from this mine are some of the most classic for the species. This specimen hosts a few large, sharp, lustrous, well-formed, purplish color crystals of Scheelite which are associated with an accenting Quartz crystal. The largest Scheelite crystal measures 6.7 cm on edge.