Miniature, 3.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 cm
Tae Hwa Mine (Taehwa Mine; Dae Hwa Mine; Taewha Mine; Tong Wha Mine; Tae Wha Mine), Neungam-ri (Neung Am-ri; Noungam-ri), Angseong-myeon, Chungju (Chung Won Kum; Chung-ju), Chungch
Three, sharp, gemmy and lustrous, intergrown, chocolate-brown scheelite crystals with a bit of oxide-coated quartz form a very aesthetic specimen from the famous Taewha Mine of South Korea. The crystals have textbook, octahedral form and are very nearly pristine, with only a trivial bruise on the backside of the large crystal termination. These scheelites were long considered the world's finest, until recently surpassed by the new Chinese finds. This is still, very desirable material. Excellent white fluorescence. Ex. George Elling Collection.