Scheelite, Albite, Beryl (Var: Aquamarine)
Small Cabinet, 7.0 x 6.0 x 3.6 cm
Beryl-Scheelite deposit, Huya village, Mt Xuebaoding, Pingwu Co., Mianyang Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
As the pics indicate, this has to be one of the very most aesthetic and balanced specimens of scheelite for the size range, and it is of superb quality and SHARP form in every way! The crystal is cm in size, and glows with color and vibrant luster. It is 3-dimensional and exquisitely tipped. The contrasting CRYSTALLIZED pericline feldspar matrix makes this unique among so many I have seen on muscovite, and among a field of thousands this special quality really stands out (more pics coming shortly) 7 x 6 x 3.6 cm