Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz)
R. A. Kosnar claim, Yucca Hill, Steven's Ranch, Lake George, Park Co., Colorado, USA
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm
This is a great superb gem Smoky Quartz crystal from one of the most storied and well known districts in Colorado. The pegmatites near the Lake George area of Colorado have produced what most collectors and dealers consider to be the finest Amazonite specimens from the standpoint of superb color, top quality, wonderful display specimens and excellent associations. This particular specimen does not have any Amazonite, but it is a virtually water-clear, sharp, distinct Smoky Quartz crystal with rich internal color. The tip of the crystal has a small contact, but the indentation near the termination is not damage, as it is crystallized. This specimen was collected 30 years ago (April 1979), when Richard Kosnar found some of the finest color Amazonite from Colorado extant. Ex. Richard Kosnar Collection.