Variscite With Montgomeryite (Tl), Crandalite And Wardite (Tl)
Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Cabinet, 11.9 x 11.7 x 3.8 cm
Ex. Rice Northwest Museum
This is a relatively early Rice acquisition, donated by the Rice family. It is a large phosphate nodule from this classic locality which is very rich in some of the rare species found mostly in older specimens and not around so much in pieces colelcted in more recent times. The bright green is the Variscite with a large amount of canary-yellow Crandalite (rare!) and some gray Wardite present around the green core. The darker green circles are Montgomeryite, for which this is the type locality. This would be considered a very RICH specimen for the species, by the way. According to Mindat, this is also the type locality for WARDITE as well, which I had not known! Lastly, note the thickness of this is the end of a nodule, and thick, so it could be sliced into at least two more sections if desired, increasing the total value of the pieces as each is worth about the same, I would think.