Eclogite outcrops, Jianggalesayi area, Qiemo (Qerqen; Cherchen) Co., Bayin'gholin (Bayingolin; Bayinguoleng) Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang (Xinjiang-Uygur) Autonomous Region, Chi
Cabinet, 9.8 x 9.0 x 8.3 cm
A giant, wonderfully striated and lustrous pyrope garnet from a most uncommon locale in the Altun Mountains of northwestern China. This huge crystal has deep blood-red color with entrancing areas of cranberry-red gemminess. The cupola or small crystal at the top is a spectacular accent. The crystal is a textbook trapezohedron. This is a huge, rare example of the garnet varietal from a very less well-known locale. Weighs 1469 grams or nearly 3.25 pounds. I have never seen one like it.