Prehnite, Epidote
Sandare, Arrondissement Sandare, Commune Sandare, Cercle de Nioro du Sahel, Kayes Region, Mali
Small Cabinet, 5.2 x 3.3 x 3.0 cm
Some of the best new Prehnite specimens to hit the market in a while are those that have been recently found in Mali. These specimens are some of the nicest gem quality Prehnites that I've seen from any locality. This specimen consists of a fine, gemmy, water-green color spherical aggregate of Prehnite associated with dark brownish-green crystals of Epidote. The Prehnite has thousands of very sharp micro terminations all over the "ball" and this specimen is gemmy enough to facet some nice gemstones. I think this is a very attractive and highly displayable specimen of a species that is often overlooked in the mineral world. Ex. Brian Kosnar Collection.