Mottramite, Chrysocolla
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 3.0 x 3.4 cm
Long Chance & Vanelmart Mine (Chance Mine; Long Chance Mine; Chance No. 4 claim), Chidago District, Benton Range Rare II Area, Mono Co., California, USA
A visually striking, 3-dimensional specimen richly covered on all sides with a very uncommon combination of mineral species from the less well-known Chance Mine of Mono County, California. Eye-catching patterns of turquoise-blue and powder-blue chrysocolla crusts are adjacent to starkly contrasting, bubbly crusts of olive-green mottramite. This is a fantastic combination of colors. Rare material from this former lead-silver mine, and perhaps among the best of the species for a US locality. Ex. Wesley Stark Collection.