Inyoite With Meyerhofferite
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 4.5 x 3.8 cm
Monte Azul, Plano, Argentina
A SUPER SHARP crystal, 3.7 cm long on edge, with extraordinary gemminess and glassy luster...this is perhaps the best single crystal in this quality in my lot, gram for gram. It is hard to judge from photos due to the clarity and luster on some of these, but that is my opinion. It is not altered to Meyerhofferite but DOES have discrete terminated Meyerhofferite crystals included inside, in a phantom layer a few millimeters down, and then covered over with a second generation of inyoite growth. The whole piece is SPARKLY and bright, and just so much better than photos can indicate here. It is a world class miniature of a very rare species, and yet these just don't cost what other "world class" examples of most species do, luckily enough.