Wheal Gorland, St Day United Mines (Poldice Mines), Gwennap area, Camborne - Redruth - St Day District, Cornwall, England, UK
Thumbnail, 1.6 x 1.2 x 1.1 cm
An EXCELLENT and RICH thumbnail of lustrous, dark turquoise-blue liroconite crystals aesthetically set in quartz-rich matrix from the famous Wheal Gorland Mine of Cornwall. Liroconite is a Holy Grail species for Cornwall or English collectors, among the rarest ever found in beautiful crystals, and this is a good one that is a display specimen AS WELL AS a reference piece. Mined in the 1820s-1850s, this was most recently in the Fay Pough Collection, wife of the well-known mineralogist and author. This is a very nice example, for the size and quality of the liroconite crystals.