Himalaya Mine (Cooperativa Mineral Cerro Negro), Canton Cohoni, Mt Illimani, Murillo Province, La Paz Department, Bolivia
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 2.6 x 2.2 cm
The Himalaya mine in Bolivia lies on the great mountain peak of Cerro Illimani (pronounced ee-yee-MAHN-ee) just outside of the capital city of La Paz. This great mountain is over 16, 000 feet tall, and gets its name from an Aimara word meaning "golden eagle." The fact that there are mines on this mountain is incredible considering the elevation and treacherous conditions. Recently (July of 2009) there was a new find of Hubnerite from this famous mine. This is confirmed Hubnerite, and not Ferberite. There are a few minor spots on the side of the specimen where if one were to shine a very bright light, he/she will see small red reflections which are proof of the presence of manganese in the crystals. This specimen is a wonderful, layered, prismatic crystal group with a sharp termination and good luster.