Gypsum (Var: Selenite)
Cabinet, 11.8 x 8.3 x 8.0 cm
Rudna Mine, Lubin District, Legnica, Lower Silesia (Dolnoslaskie), Poland
Dave Stoudt was stationed in Poland for 10 years, and had the opportunity to obtain specimens from old and generally closed localities, in addition to some interesting contemporary things many of which did not reach the general market. Searching out retired miners in their homes, he got some neat things and made up a Polish minerals collection that was amazing! You have seen gypsum in all sorts of forms, from the giant "swords" of Naica, to the balls of gemmy twins from Winnipeg. Here is an amazing single, huge crystal shaped like a CLAM, with a razor-sharp edge. It was sliced off at the base to remove it from the pocket in which it formed, and you can see that it is transparent inside. It is translucent, with an amber color, from the outside. What a cool crystal!