Miniature, 5.1 x 4.1 x 3.6 cm
Society Girl Mine, Moyie, British Columbia, Canada
Ex. Dr. Gary Hansen
By all accounts, this is one of the best Canadian pyromorphites. It certainly stands the test of comparison with those from other localities and has a great color reminiscent of the best new Chinese material, but crystals of sharper form and brighter luster. This old mine is of course famous for old pyromorphite specimens, but I have seen only thumbnails and a few bunged-up and non-impressive miniatures. This one is competition-worthy. The mine has been defunct for over a decade and I am told there is no chance of more pyros coming to light, amking this quite irreplaceable. NOTE: This is the only piece in the offering NOT from the Hansen collection, though it fit in so well with the suite in terms of quality and significance that I included it here. It is an old piece from the private collection of a Canadian dealer/collector friend of mine named Marty Lewadny, which he in turn obtained many years ago from a previous Canadian collection.