Greenockite, Chalcopyrite, Prehnite
Houdaille Quarry (Summit Quarry; Commonwealth Quarry), Springfield, Union Co., New Jersey, USA
Thumbnail, 1.6 x 1.4 x 0.5 cm
Greenockite is a rather rare species, considering it has a very simple chemistry (Cadmium Sulfide). There are only a handful of localities in the world for fine crystallized Greenockite specimens, and the Summit Quarry in New Jersey is possibly the best U.S. locality for the species (certainly the best in New Jersey). This locality opened in the early 20th Century, and produced a large number of Zeolites species and other associated minerals in its history. It is now long gone, but thanks to collectors like Richard Kosnar, many good specimens now survive from this historic Quarry. This specimen was collected by Richard Kosnar in 1964 when he had just graduated from high school. He had almost exclusive access to the quarry at the time, and was able to collect some very unique and interesting Greenockite specimens over several years time. As a matter of fact, Richard Kosnar most likely collected more Greenockite specimens from New Jersey than any other collector, even many collectors combined. This piece is mounted in a perky box, and upon close examination, one can see a small honey colored "beehive"-shaped Greenockite crystal in the center of the specimen which has a small crystal of Chalcopyrite at the base. The crystals are sitting on a beautifully contrasting green Prehnite matrix. This specimen is nearly 50 years old. Ex. Richard Kosnar Collection.