Gold, Quartz
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.6 x 0.7 cm
Lillian Mines, Printer Boy Hill, Leadville, Leadville District, Lake Co., Colorado, USA

This is a very impressive specimen featuring well crystallized, sharp dodecahedra and "ribbons" of Gold with minor Quartz. This specimen came to Brian Kosnar from the Leigh Price collection which he purchased it in 2002. This was one of only a handful of Gold specimens in Leigh's collection. The story of this piece came from Brian and his family directly from Leigh after he obtained the specimen. Originally this piece was purchased by Colorado mineral collector George Robertson from an old-time miner in Leadville in the 1970s. After George Robertson acquired the piece he sold it to Leigh Price sometime in the 1980s. Unfortunately, both Leigh and George have passed on, but I believe the story, and George was a very well respected and thorough collector in his day. There is a small handwritten label which accompanies the specimen, but that is all the pedigree I have. There is a number "101" glued to the back of the piece, but I don't know how it pertains to the pedigree. Overall, the quality is very impressive, and this is actually a "Dana Locality" which makes it even more desirable and prestigious. Ex. Leigh Price and George Robertson Collections.