Stokkoya, Langesundsfjorden, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway
Thumbnail, 1.5 cm
An outstanding specimen of this rarity, probably collected in the late 1800s. The specimen has sharp crystals to 1.5 cm, translucent and lustrous, which are of exceptional quality. I have not cleaned it, so it retains an "antique look," being a bit dirty, on purpose - and makes for a sharper contrast for the upright crystals to the smaller ones comprising matrix. Significant for both species and locale, this is also nicely displayable. Initially, because of the sharp crystals and overall quality, I and others I consulted here in the US thought (assumed!) this to be from Greenland. Thanks to Knut Eldjarn who corrected us that "Stocko" refers to this old locality in Norway, rather than a garbling of some location in Greenland as we assumed: You also list an old specimen of alleged "Epididymite from Narssarsuk." The label says "Stockea" which is one of the islands in the Langesundsfjord of Norway and the specimen resembles very much good crystals of Eudidymite from that area (minor Epididymite may also be present) To me it does not look like a Narssarssuk piece. It is still a very antique and rare specimen of a quality not found in recent times. To be correct it is probably: Eudidymite crystals from Stokkoya, Langesundsfjorden, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway. I guess it must have been collected about 1880. (Note: the old label says "Stokkea" (Swedish name for the locality); see