Epidote, Clinozoisite
Wadh, Balochistan (Baluchistan), Pakistan
Toenail, 3.1 x 2.6 x 2.1 cm
From the new find in the Fall of 2004. This is a great specimen simultaneously representing two members of the Epidote group. Epidote forms and isomorphic series with Clinozoisite where Epidote is the iron-rich end member and Clinozoisite is the iron-deficient end member. The beauty of this piece is that no analysis is necessary as it is very clear where the Epidote stops and the Clinozoisite begins. This specimen features several, sharp, lustrous, prismatic, translucent, deep pistachio green crystals of Epidote that sharply grade into gemmier, peach/tan color terminations of Clinozoisite. This is a great example of how two individual mineral species can sometimes occur in the same crystal as is often the case in many Tourmaline species. Aside from being a scientific marvel, this is actually a very beautiful specimen.