Djurleite, Quartz, Pyrite
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 6.2 x 4.0 cm
Steward Mine, Butte, Butte District, Silver Bow Co., Montana, USA
Djurleite is an uncommon copper sulfide closely related to chalcocite. It is very rarely reported and offered from the famous and now-closed mines at Butte. Lustrous, sharp, steel-gray, twinned prisms of djurleite to about 6 mm are richly concentrated in clusters and are complimented by sprays of milky quartz needles and lustrous, brassy pyrite on this superb, old-time specimen from the Steward Mine. Many of the djurleite crystals have interesting, faint, iridescent tarnish. The matrix is mostly pyrite on this specimen. Very seldom available in this richness and quality from this historic locale. Ex. Bill Smith and George Feist (# 2616) Collections and according to the accompanying label, the piece dates to the early 1960s.