Cabinet, 15.5 x 7.3 x 6.2 cm
Bor Pit (Boron Pit; Bor Quarry), Dal'negorsk B deposit, Dal'negorsk (Dalnegorsk; Tetyukhe; Tjetjuche; Tetjuche), Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern Region, Russia
Dal'negorsk is an odd locality in that there is a huge boron-rich deposit mined for that mineral right next to more traditional sulfide rich deposits with quartz and sphalerite and the like. The Bor Mine seems to be much less productive these days, though, and certainly good specimens of this classic multicolored datolite, unique in colors and habit to this locale, are hard to obtain. I am told that they came out in the 1980s, mostly, and then trickled to market after the Wall fell. This specimen is completely crystallized and pristine, 360 degrees around; and features sharp crystals to 3 cm in size across. It is really interesting, for the subtle color gradations emphasized by the sharp geometry of the crystals.