Cyanotrichite, Brochantite
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 4.8 x 3.5 cm
Grand View Mine (Last Chance Mine; No. 1 Pat claim 3591; No. 5 Pat claim 3592a; No. 4 Pat claim 3592a; Canyon Copper Mine; Grand Canyon Mine), Cape Royal, Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Can
Two rare close cousins in one colorful specimen. Cyanotrichite (Hydrated Copper Aluminum Sulfate Hydroxide) typically forms acicular or hair like crystals aggregated into radial clusters, tufts and sprays - the form you see it in here if you look closely. It is aptly named since "cyano" and "trich" are derived from the Greek for blue and hair, respectively. It is formed from the oxidation of copper ore minerals along with other oxidation zone minerals. Here, it is paired with brochantite (Copper Sulfate Hydroxide) - it is the green, and the cyanotrichite is the blue. Ex. Mullane Collection.