Tourmaline on Quartz
Cabinet, 11.0 x 8.0 x 8.5 cm
Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, San Diego Co., California, USA
Ex. Chris Korpi
A dramatic matrix tourmaline specimen! This one, unlike most Himalayas, has GREEN elbaite on quartz whereas the more common coloration is of pink or red hues. This adds considerable importance to the piece when taken in context. There is one repair to the upright crystal, near its emergence from the quartz. There are probably two repairs (at least one) in the secondary crystal and that crystal is incomplete underneath, but it displays well and so doesn't hurt the piece visually given the size and importance of the piece, and the fact that the eye strays right to the upright crystal anyhow. These crystals are a dark forest green, gemmy even with minimal backlighting.