Crocoite, Vauquelinite
Berezovskoe Au Deposit (Berezovsk Mines), Berezovskii (Berezovskii Zavod), Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Ekaterinburgskaya (Sverdlovskaya) Oblast', Middle Urals, Urals Region, Russia
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 7.0 x 4.8 cm
An OLD-TIME, very RICH and showy chrome species combination specimen from the Type Locality - Berezovsk, Urals Region, Russia. This classic may contain 3 chrome species, 2 of which, are very RARE. One half of the specimen is covered with red to orange crocoite crystals. This specimen has a very RICH section of pistachio-green vauquelinite, a RARE lead, copper, phosphate, chromate. The specimen may also contain embreyite, an ULTRA RARE lead, phosphate, chromate: although not analyzed, we believe that it may be either the tan or black microcrystals on the matrix. The specimen would have to be X-rayed for confirmation of course, its just a likelihood given the age and overall appearance of the material. CHOICE, old material for the species and locality. This rich and showy old-timer comes from an old European collection, where everything dates to the 1800s. This whole collection had myriad old materials, though I cannot name the owner, and was well known in Europe. Accompanied by an old, handwritten German label.