Small Cabinet, 8.6 x 5.7 x 3.5 cm
Berezovskoe Au Deposit (Berezovsk Mines), Berezovskii (Berezovskii Zavod), Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Ekaterinburgskaya (Sverdlovskaya) Oblast', Middle Urals, Urals Region, Russia
A CLASSIC, OLD-TIME and very showy specimen of gemmy, lustrous, iridescent, red-orange crocoite blades richly dispersed on matrix from the Type Locality - Berezovsk, Urals, Russia. The crystals glow like fire, they are so gemmy. This is SUPERB, old material, with the scattered bit of bruising certainly not a detraction. very SELDOM available in this quality. The back has been sawed to enhance display. Ex. George Elling Collection.