Thumbnail, 9.2 x 8.0 x 3.3 cm
Sofiya Mine, Nikitovka Deposit, Novyy Donbass, Gorlovka, Donets'k Oblast' (Donetsk Oblast'), Ukraine
On a matrix of druzy white quartz, brick red, matte luster, penetration twins of cinnabar abound. The largest crystal reaches 1.5 cm across which is as big as they grow from this deposit. These are not the brightest cinnabars, and exhibit some signs of alteration perhaps. There is some damage and perhaps the piece should best be trimmed to a miniature in that regard, though I like the size and overall color myself in this case, especuially given the rarity of the material. I have not previously seen such a large example. 9.2 x 8 x 3.3 cm