Inesite and Quartz
Small Cabinet, 8.6 x 7.0 x 4.2 cm
Daye Mine, Hubei Province, China
Ex. Irv Brown; Dr. Stephen Smale; James (Jim) and Gail Spann
A beautiful 2-inch "bowtie" of inesite is nicely centered on matrix, and accented by a quartz that spears through it! This is of a very high quality for the find both in terms of the SIZE of the inesite cluster itself and the aesthetics. Also, the color is, like the above, very good. I think in time we will look back and see that this find was very significant - inesite in crystal form, freestanding like this, is very rare in the world and such specimens haven't been found but a few times at now-defunct mines. This is going to be a classic, and it happens to be both beautiful and rare as a species as well. It is an important specimen that has made the rounds over the last 4 years in a series of trades, before I acquired it recently. There is a reason so many people wanted it! It is only being parted with now by the owners because of duplication.