Mun. de Rodeo, Durango, Mexico
Large Cabinet, 29.0 x 16.0 x 9.5 cm
It was saddening to see these Rodeo calcite specimens disappear as quickly as they came a couple of years back. They ranged from single scalenohedral crystals, to small clusters of two or three crystals, to (rarely) large plates of crystals, some with two different habits. This has to be one of the largest that came out in good condition. And, it features both the silky scalenohedrons and flattened butterfly twins! One of these twins measures over 8 cm across the "wingspan." The scalenohedrons measure up to 8 cm in length and have the classic gemminess with silky luster. There are some broken crystals on the back side of the specimen but only a couple of very minor dings on the display side, so it is in terrific shape for a piece of this magnitude. 29 X 16 X 9.5 cm