Small Cabinet, 25.0 x 23.0 x 13.0 cm
Durango, Mexico
These stunning calcites first came out as clusters of two or three little crystals several years back, and caused quite a stir, with people paying two or three hundred dollars for the little clusters from a drawer in a hotel room. Fortunately, that was not the end of the find. And now, once in a while, you get a museum-sized shocker like this: gorgeous, silky scalenohedral crystals to 7.5 cm (1), with beautiful bevels, jutting dramatically from the matrix. As a bonus, at one side of this specimen are THREE butterfly twins to 5 cm "wingspan" - the other major form from this find - right next to one another, with faces that make them look like cut glass! One of the scalenohedral crystals is growing through the flat blade of a twin. The large crystals rise above a field of smaller, equally pretty crystals. Aside from expected peripheral damage at the edges, there is only one missing crystal in the center display area that I can see, not much of a detraction on such a large, grand specimen! 25 x 23 x 13 cm