Quartz (Japan Law Twin)
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm
Mt. Kinpusan, Yamanashi Prefecture, Kai Province, Japan
Ex. Richard Hauck
The old Japan twins from Japan fascinated Hauck and he seems to have kept every one that went through him, as I have over a dozen in this collection and have never seen more than two at one time and place otherwise. This is one of the sharpest, a superb miniature that is very gemmy and well formed. It is pristine save one ding on the back of the right edge. The speckled look in the photos is not a frosting on the surface of the front, but rather a reflection of the slight dusting of natural iron oxide attached still to the backside, and seen THROUGH the totally water-clear crystal of which the front faces are like mirrors, so lustrous are they. The piece has been left "au naturale" on back out of respect for its antiquity and this shows in the photo but is really less apparent in person. Still, the iron staining can be easily removed if desired, for a clean and bright piece. According to Alfredo Petrov, "Kinburan" is undoubtedly a spelling mistake for Mt. Kinpusan, a classic Shogun-era quartz-mining locality in Yamanashi Prefecture. Goldschmidt's "type locality" for J-twin quartz."