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Special Thanks

Crystalline Treasures - The Mineral Heritage of China

Exhibitors at the Flandrau Science Center, University of Arizona

Mike and Debbie Ausec, Rick Beard, Irv Brown
Isaias Casanova, Sharon Cisneros, Ralph Clark
Bob Downs, Gene Meieran, Michelle and Jim Houran
Mike Keim, Rob Lavinsky, Paula Presmyk
Alex and Laura Schauss, Gail and Jim Spann
Jeff Starr, Karl Warning, Wendell Wilson & James Zigras

Co-promotional organizations and supporters

Dr. Robert Downs, University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences
The Flandreau Science Center and Planetarium, University of Arizona
China (Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show Organizing Committee
Mr. Zhou Yishan, publisher of Mineral Lover Magazine and
organizer of the Shanghai International Mineral & Fossil Show
The Wuxi Science Museum and China View Stone Park Association
Dr. Guanghua Liu, AAA Minerals China
The Mineralogical Record
The Arkenstone

With special thanks to

Dr. Hexiong Yang, University of Arizona, for specimen analysis and identification
and Xiaojun Chen, for information and assistance in China

A supplement to

The Mineralogical Record, January-February 2013, vol. 44, no. 1

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